Solar Panels

We supply and install solar panels to companies or individual homes. More Detail


We do installations of new generators and maintenance of used ones. We supply generator services across the South Africa. We have years of experience of installing and maintaining generators, we are confident our company can support you in your inquiry. More Detail

Security & Survailance Systems

Our Security Systems include: Gate Automations, Garage Door Automations, Access Control, Control Rooms, CCTV, also known as video survailance, and Alarm Systems. More Detail


A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. More Detail

Electrical Wiring

Arawh Electrical not only does industrial and office installations. We also focus on household wiring and maintenace. More Detail


Arawh Electrical specializes in networking on a small scale (LAN) or a large scale (WAN). More Detail