Alternative Power Sources

We are South Africa’s leading supplier of alternative power systems, providing high-quality hybrid power systems to residential, commercial, and industrial customers in South Africa and the SADC region.

If you are always looking for a new off-grid power plant for your business or your home, or you want to get rid of the electricity bills from your local utility company, or just need a “safe of mind” backup solution during the load shedding and power failure, we have a solution to meet your needs!

Arawh Electrical sells, designs, installs, and services power generation systems for residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Our alternative energy solutions include:

Solar Panel

A solar panel system converts solar energy into electricity. You can save money by collecting this free energy. The solar panel system can be relatively simple, and its main components are solar panels or modules.


An inverter converts direct current from power sources such as batteries or fuel cells into alternating current. Electricity can have any desired voltage; in particular, you can operate AC equipment that is designed to run on the grid or rectified to produce any desired voltage.

Battery storage

The integration of solar energy and battery storage is changing the way homeowners consume energy and creating more opportunities for solar installers to develop their businesses. By storing surplus solar products in batteries, homeowners can control their energy consumption and maximize the use of solar energy, thereby achieving greater power savings and energy independence.

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