Electrical Installations

Most importantly, any new electrical installations are carried out by qualified electricians. Whether you need a new circuit board, access control system or industrial electrical system, we are always there to help you. Arawh electrical electricians are qualified to perform electrical work safely in accordance with current regulations.

Understand Your Electrical Needs

Before proceeding with electrical installations, our electrical union takes the time to understand your needs. Depending on your or your business needs, this may include from the complete electrical installation of the new commercial property to the partial rewiring of your current facilities, we will ensure that we understand the task so that we can implement and complete the task. according to your request.

Commercial and Office Electrical Installation

Arawh Electrical provides electrical installations for commercial offices, warehouses, education, industry, hotels and related buildings. The electrical wiring may include a wall-mounted power supply, ground box and grommet electrical wiring, and electrical installation in the communications room. As an electrical contractor, we cover all aspects of your electrical wiring requirements and sign every item.

Industrial Electrical Installations

Electrical installations can include small power requirements in office space to larger cable requirements for plants, machinery and equipment throughout the warehouse floor. Lighting installations range from switch lighting systems standard to smart control lighting systems. These lighting fixtures can range from LED panels in office settings to advanced warehouse lighting, emergency lighting, and exit sign lighting.

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